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Happy Dog! Happy Life!

Consider life from your dog’s perspective. Imagine being home alone all day, every day with nothing to do, no one to talk to, and no place to go.


Maybe you’d feel a bit lonely and bored. Maybe you’d start yelling at the neighbors as they walk by. Maybe, just maybe, you’d create your own entertainment by ripping open the couch to see what’s inside or by digging a hole under the fence to chase the squirrel.


Okay, maybe you wouldn’t do this. But chances are your dog already does or is thinking about it. Left to their own devices, dogs come up with other outlets their humans might not approve of. And that means nobody is happy.

Boredom and bandwidth are the problem. Our monthly Rover On Over (ROO) Club is the solution!

Join the ROO Club

Here at Rover On Over, we know that plenty of socialization and exercise not only ensures a well-balanced dog, it leads to a happier family life. So we do things a little differently than other dog walking services.


We don’t just take your dog on walks…we take them on adventures!

For one flat monthly fee, each ROO Club dog member receives:

  Three or five excursions per week, depending on membership level

  A week filled with hours of exercise, socialization and mental stimulation

  Exciting explorations of new neighborhoods, hiking trails, parks and more

  A program customized to the needs of each dog, including individual or pack walks, on leash and off

  Slower-paced adventures for laid back, disabled or senior dogs

  Unlimited belly rubs, head pats, love or whatever else makes your dog happy


And for the human club members, you can expect:

  A professionally trained service that partners with the family to reinforce good pet behavior

  Access to online scheduling

  Easy, secure monthly invoice and credit card payment processed via text

  Daily check-ins and weekly highlights report

  Quarterly “ROO Report” chock full of helpful hints from dog professionals

  Credit for annual vacation days and holidays

  Exclusive access to additional members-only services

Monthly ROO Club Rates

We make adventure affordable! Monthly rates average $45 per excursion for a 3-day/week membership and $40 per excursion for a 5 day/week membership.

Book Your Dogs Adventure!

Additional Members-Only Services

We love our ROO Club Members! That’s why we offer additional Pet Sitting and Pet Boarding services just for them. Whether you’re going out of town for the week or attending a dinner meeting, we’ll make sure your pup is safe and content so you can relax!

Remember, these services are provided exclusively to our ROO Club Members only!

Pet Sitting

  30-Minute In-Home Visit

  Monday through Friday, 8 am - 7 pm

  $30 per visit

  Services include playtime, potty break, breakfast/dinner and/or tuck in service.

  Weekend days and flexible hours available for a $5 surcharge per visit


Pet Boarding

Going away for the night? Let your dog stay, play and sleep with us! They’ll hang out with Tallulah and enjoy access to a fully enclosed yard with plenty of shade and cool water. For those hot summer days, water games abound!

  Overnight Care in Our Home

  $50 per night*

  BYODB - Bring your own dog bed so that your pup can enjoy the comforts of home in our home.

  Tell your pup goodnight! FaceTime requests may be scheduled in advance.

  Includes regularly scheduled ROO Club excursions.

  Limited holiday availability with advance notice.

  *Pick up before noon to avoid additional charges.

Ready to send your dog on a fun filled adventure?

Email Lisa at or send us a request through our Contact page to learn more or to arrange your free meet and greet. Once we have completed the intake meeting, a walk may be scheduled as soon as the next day!

Professional Dog Walking Adventure Service based in Burlingame, CA. Also providing services to our neighbors in Hillsborough, San Mateo, Millbrae and surrounding neighborhoods.

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